Aya Tomoe (巴あや, Tomoe Aya) is one of the prisoners in the Haguro Prison. Her inmate number is LB0005. Her "base" is the culprit of the "Tsuyama massacre", Mutsuo Toi.




Aya is the culprit behind the "Hinata Village Massacre" where she killed and wounded more than 20 people with an axe or knife. In actuality Aya was one the many killers in Hinata Village who partake in the massacre, as she killed all the other killers she took the blame for their crimes.

Aya was born and raised in Hinata Village with her single mother, ever since she was a little girl she would see her mother sleeping around with different men while she left alone. In her free time she would explore the country side, climb trees, fish by the river and play with insects. She even went to the library hoping one day to learn swordsmanship.

One afternoon she was waiting by a bus stop when she was attacked by three young boys who attempted to rape her. When she was almost violated the Male Doctor came to her rescue saving her from the boys, after he gave her a medical checkup he attempted to make her laugh with silly faces. Although it failed Aya quickly grew fond of the Male Doctor as he put effort into making her smile, he quickly introduced her to a VR set in which she could learn and practice her swordsmanship unaware of the grim fate that awaited her by him.



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