Karen Kirishima (切嶋カレン, Kirishima Karen) is one of the prisoners in the Haguro Prison. Her inmate number is LB0001. Her "base" is that of an American masochist serial killer who was nicknamed as the "Moon Maniac", Albert Fish.




Although Karen's inmate number is LB0001, it's unknown if she was the first prisoner in the Haguro Prison. She is nicknamed as the "Eyeball Collector" because she liked collecting her victims' eyeballs. Her victims were guys from the brothel she used to work at.



From her murder model Karen becomes an expert whip specialist able to rip through clothes and flesh with a single strike. She shows great knowledge of how to wield her weapon that Chika was anxious and worried on how she was going to beat her without a weapon of her own. She's also has a high level of endurance able to keep fighting even after taking a few hits to the point it becomes pure arousal and bliss to her. She was able to maintain her composure when Sayoko poured pure acid underneath her skin and into her muscle, not giving a single cry of pain. She was able to withstand her tongue being split into two without anesthesia which only aroused her in the process to the point of ejaculating from excitement.

What really sets Karen off to the others is the immense superhuman strength she gains in a instant. She was able to set Chika flying out of the room with a single kick, despite having a blade stuck to her foot; she gave a high kick to a man knocking him down flat. This is also shown when she is able to break free from Sayoko's restraints, something she could have done at any point of her capture. She even turns a criminal's head a complete 360 during intercourse with no trouble at all. Another time she single handedly throws a large table at her target, giving the table a small crack with her thumb from her tight grip.

All of this makes Karen a strong hitting and dangerous woman who can turn pain to pleasure and pleasure into raw power that only strengthens by each hit.


Karen's original hair color.

  • As seen on the cover of Chapter 7, her three sizes are 94-62-96.
  • On the cover of Volume 2 she had golden eyes and blond hair, however these were changed after the release of Volume 5 as she is now depicted with purple eyes and silver hair.
    • The mangaka (Yoshinobu Shimada) later confirms about the change of her eyes and hair color.[1]
  • She also appears in Yoshinobu Shimada's previous manga, Deathtopia.
  • Karen actually shares her alias as the Eyeball Collector with real life serial killer Charles Albright