Kiriko Makimura (槇村霧子, Makimura Kiriko) is one of the prisoners in the Haguro Prison. Her inmate number is LB0007. Her "base" is that of an American criminal and the culprit of the Boston Strangler, Albert DeSalvo, inherited from Shion Magaki.




Kiriko was the vocalist of a popular band called "Chronicle". Due to unknown reasons, she strangled six of her fans.



During the first few fights it's shown that Kiriko relies on her guitar, preferring to use the wire strings to strangle her opponents. Though it doesn't seem to always work best in her favor as her target always seems to escape at the last second or are resistant to her wires in someway.

Though when she inherits Shion's murder model she becomes a master boxer and karaka in an instant. She delivers hard hitting fists with ease making her opponents bleed from the nose with one strike. She easily dodges the strikes of the criminal that tries to assault her despite not having prior knowledge of a close combat fight. Kiriko also shows advance knowledge of human anatomy as she was able to hit the right spots of her opponent making it difficult for him to keep fighting.

When performing sneak attacks Kiriko prefers strangulation using a string from her earing to attempt to strangle a supposed fan of hers.


  • In Chapter 18 Kiriko admits to doing many types of part time jobs before forming her band. One of these was working at a fish market, as such she can prepare many different types of fish.
  • It's revealed in Chapter 66 that Kiriko is a virgin.
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