Former Admin/Bureaucrat of SATANOPHANY Wiki here

Date of retirement: Sztama927 (talk) 12:04, November 23, 2020 (UTC)

As I was an admin here, I was the one dealing with many elements of this site such as templates, infobox, css and other stuff.

Just in case. If you're not familiar wit the past templates/css and you need help with such thing you can contact me at Twitter or my Smule as I'll rarely visit the Wikia Fandom from now on.

Twitter = @sztama927

Smule = sztama927

Volume 1.jpg


Here's the template for characters

Template Usage:

|image = File:
|kanji =
|romaji =
|alias =
|base =
|age =
|gender =
|height =
|weight =
|relatives =
|occupation =
|weapons =
|manga debut =

Result: (in this case it is Karen Kirishima's Infobox. Leave me a message if you encountered any trouble!